Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Support

Acute will assist your office transition to an electronic medical record system. We recognize that a transition to an EMR is a maze of business and technical decisions.  With input from you and your staff we will help you navigate the technical decisions to make your transition easier.  We have experience with all of the major EMR vendors and have assisted with many of your peer's installations, maintenance and support.

Microsoft Online Service Partner

Acute can provide you with the right design for your organization and show you how to benefit from Cloud solutions such as Office 365, Exchange Online or Microsoft Azure.   

Acute Managed Service

Acute Managed Service is a suite of products that performs continuous monitoring and alerting, secure remote access, asset management, security services and routine maintenance on your computers. 

Because it is cloud based it will provide protection to all computers with internet access regardless of location.  It is our experience that clients with this service reduce the number of support incidents within months of implementation.

Acute Storage

Secure offsite storage that is completely automated and monitored daily.  This helps to eliminate human error and protects your data from hardware failure, flood, fire, theft or electrical damage. 

Acute Support

Acute’s Senior Techs have over 50 years of combined technical support, but you will find that customer service is where we excel.  We are able to simplify complex IT environments to help you focus on running your business.  

Acute  Network Solutions

Your IT Partner

Features include:

Patch Management - for Microsoft and a number of high risk third party applications.
Web Security – blocks access to a continually updating database of known malicious websites.
Web Filtering – allows you to determine which websites to block based on content such as violence, nudity, language, etc or specific sites such as Facebook or YouTube. 
Antivirus – Installs and maintains Bitdefender antivirus on all of your computers and servers
Secure Remote Access – for Acute staff to provide remote support to reduce response time
Asset Management – to identify hardware and software
Automated Response – Custom solutions to technical issues that eliminate support calls
Continuous Monitoring and Alerting (Servers every 15 minutes, Workstations every 60 minutes)